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I will be signing your index books on Thur, Feb 5th and NOT on Wed as I will not be back yet. Sorry for the change. It is 5 pm, room 401.

See you all there!

wtorek, 20 stycznia 2009

Final projects

Check out the work of your friends (WS and AG ) and feel free to comment. :-)

Test time

Here come your test results. The first number is the number of your test points, the second - task points (max 9, 3 per each subtask) and in the brackets you will find your final grade provided that you have turned in or presented your project. Your final grade is based on: task points, project points, homework assignements and your active participaction during the class. If you did not put your index # on the test do not go looking for your grade - it's not there. I did't feel I had the right to use your name on the blog. Contact me by mail.

Remember I will be giving my signature on Febr 4th at 5 pm in 401. Make sure you're there.

Thanks againg for this class. I had loads of fun, I hope you did too, even though it wasn't a typical sociological, knowledge- full seminar.

Should you want to benefit for your obvious creativity check out the contest below the grade list.

ind # 237 821 - 17, 3 (4)
ind # 238 066 - 18, 4
ind # 219 523 - 19, 2 (5)
ind # 219 470 - 17, 4 (5)
ind # 238 054 - 16, 6
ind #23(?)7463 - 17, 3
ind # 236 959 - 17,5
ind # 219 400 - 19, 6 (5)
ind # 221 161 - 18, 2 (4+)


Info: My husband and I loved your projects and mini assignements you did earlier. You're quite a creative crowd. So we came up with a contest. We own two appartments in Zakopane that we rent to tourists. Check out: http://www.zakospanie.pl/ Due to lack of time and energy we never got around to promote it and advertise much. We sell it via allegro.pl and some tourist focused portals. However, we need a clever creative idea to promote it more aggresively.

Goal: design an online or offline campaign for the two appartments. It must be doable (this is real life job this time), relatively cheap (there is no budget for TV :-), so we are talking about a few thousand PLN. The main idea is to attract more customers of a specific profile: aged 25-55, higher income, family oriented, seeking quiet rest in Zakopane. No party lovers or extreme skiers looking for vodka marathons etc.

Prize: Prolonged weekend (Thur- Sun) for two in one of the appartments (your choice) with a stock of good wine and fresh strawberries to go with it. :-)

Deadline: Should you decide to give it a go you need to lay out clearly your idea (text or presentation) and sent to me by mail by Feb 15th. I will publish the winner's project on the blog.

wtorek, 13 stycznia 2009

Test topics

Dear all,
Please find above your test topics. Good luck!

niedziela, 11 stycznia 2009

Test & other issues

To clarify all your concers: we will have the final test on Tue January, 2oth. I will take 25 minutes. I will distribute topics for the test on Jan 13th.

We will look at your presentations also on the 20th. This is the deadline for you to hand them in.
On Tue Jan 13th, we will talk whether it pays to shock in advertising. Please read points # 7 and 8 on the syllabus reading list if you have not done it already:

  1. Karl Rosenberg “Making a connection”, Journal of Advertising in: Quirk’s Marketing
    Research Review April, 2006
  2. Darren W. Dahl et al.,”Does It Pay to Shock? Reactions to Shocking and Nonshocking
    Advertising Content Among University Students”, Journal of Advertising Research, Vol.
    43, No. 3, September 2003

  3. Elinor Devlin et al., “Comparative Study of Young People’s Response to Anti-Smoking
    Messages”, International Journal of Advertising, Vol. 26, No. 1, 2007

wtorek, 6 stycznia 2009

No class

Sorry, no class today (6.01). I was struck by the cold and thus unable to teach. See you all next week!

poniedziałek, 15 grudnia 2008

9.12 Chinese dragon and other pecularities

See above the commercial featuring male genitalia (Durex subbrand Humo) we talked about.

Last time we talked about how to decipher an advertising campaign (best and not so great exemples from your work). We looked at some Chinese taboos in international advertising. Finally we listed some Polish taboos. For Tue, Dec 16th please refresh (or read for the first time):

1. Delphine Manceau, E. Tissier Desbordes, “Are Sex and Death Taboos in Advertising?
An Analysis of Taboos in Advertising and a Survey of French Consumer Perceptions”,
International Journal of Advertising, Vol. 25, No. 1, 2006


2. John Ford, “Comments - Fear Appeals”, International Journal of Advertising, Vol. 25, No.
3, 2006